ESALQ-LOG speaks about logistics to undergrad students from other institutions 

The DIA-LOG project is free and open to higher education and technical institutions. The proposal is to promote the Group's integration with the academic community that is related to agro-logistics through DIA-LOG, offering the opportunity of transfering knowledge and training for students and teachers. DIA-LOG's main objective is to approach and share studies in several agro-logistics chain that have been developed by ESALQ-LOG along last years, expanding the dialogue between teachers, students and researchers from the most diverse regional institutions. Participants may be able to take advantage of this opportunity, where there will be presented concepts aimed at logistics area. Therefore, the undergrad students can easily understand - in more depth - how the main movements and decisions take place in the agro-logistics sector, that is so important for the Brazilian market.

The students remain in ESALQ-LOG to participate in lectures and dynamics related to agro-logistics and also get to know the various activities of the Group. This period will be defined according to the availability of each guest institution and also of the ESALQ-LOG´s researchers, being able to be performed in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Any institution of technical or higher education, public or private, with courses that are related in some way to agro-logistics, can register themselves for free in DIA-LOG.